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Farq Parega

Powered by people, passion and philosophies, Farq Parega exists to change the society with one cause at a time. Saving your country or the world may not be your job, but what you can really change, is.

Farq Parega wishes to transform the perception of people by enabling them to focus on things they can change with an idea, a word, a gesture, or an act.


“Baray Dil

Baree Zimedari”

Having a big heart to donate is not enough, one should be mindful of the fact that giving is a big responsibility in itself. To prevent our donations and charity from being misused for nefarious purposes, one should always know who the recipient is and where the money will be used. One should seek the answers of these questions to ensure that the donations reach the deserving.

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PKR. 650B

Donated Every Year

78% of all


give charity at least once a year



not aware of where their charity goes